CURRICULUM VITAE (Editorial and Advisory Boards)


1978-1982 High Energy  Advisory Committee, Brookhaven  National Lab.

Nov.  1981-1997 Editorial Board, Zeitschrift fu¨r Physik C

July 1985-Sept. 1989   Editorial Committee, Annual Reviews of Nuclear  &

   Particle Science

1986-1988 D.O.E. High Energy Physics Advisory Panel    (HEPAP)

Jan. 1987-2003 Oversight Committee, Theoretical Physics Institute (University

    of Minnesota)

Jan. 1988-May 1991 Monthly “Article Alert” Column for The Scientist

Sept. 1989-1992 ITP Advisory Board (Santa Barbara)

March 1993-1998 Sloan  Foundation  Research Fellowship Committee

March 1999-2000 International  Review  Committee  for Presidential

    Science Chairs, Santiago, Chile Sept. 2001-2012 Editor in Chief, Annals of   


Jan. 2002-2008 Science Policy Committee, (CERN)

Jan. 2002- Editorial Advisor, Daedalus

Jan. 2003-June 2007    Scientific Advisory Committee, Perimeter ITP,

    (Waterloo, Canada)

Sept. 2006- Board of Governors, New York Academy of Sciences

Oct. 2008- Board of Trustees, Society for Science and the    Public

Sept. 2012- Scientific Advisory Board, Niels Bohr International Academy,



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