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CURRICULUM VITAE (Honorific  Appointments)


Sept. 1984-1990 Chancellor Robert Huttenback Professor of   Physics, UCSB June 1986-Sept. 1988   Regent’s Fellow, Smithsonian Astrophysical   


Sept. 1994-June 1997   Leland Haworth Distinguished Scientist, Brookhaven        National Laboratory

Oct.  1997-Aug.  2000   J. Robert Oppenheimer  Professor, Institute  for     

    Advanced  Study

April-June 1998 Lorentz Professor, Leiden University

Sept. 2000- Herman Feshbach Professor, Massachusetts Institute of   


Jan. 2002 - Adjunct Professor, Centros Estudios Cient´ificos

June 2002 Visiting Schr¨odinger- Professor 2002, City of Vienna, Austria

Jan. 2008 Rudof Peierls Visiting Professor of Physics, Oxford University

Jan. 2008 Associate Member and Fellow, All Soul’s College

Jan. 2010- Origins Project  Distinguished  Visiting Professor,  Arizona  State


Oct. 2014 Honorary Professor, Zhejiang University of Technology,   

     Hangzhou, China

Oct. 2014 Chief Scientist, Wilczek Quantum Center

Dec. 2014 Honorary Member, Polish Physical  Society

Sept. 2017 Founding Director, T.D. Lee Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong     

    University,Shanghai, China


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