CURRICULUM VITAE (Honorific Lectures)


April 1982 Morris Loeb Lecturer in Physics,   Harvard University

April 1986 Flint  Lecturer,  Yale University

April 1988 Hamilton Lecturer, Princeton University

Jan. 1992 Scott Hawkins Lecturer, Southern Methodist University

Oct. 1992 Bethe Lecturer, Cornell University

April 1993 Anna McPherson Lecturer,  McGill University

Dec. 1994 Rowland Lecturer,  University of Kentucky

April 1995 Michelson Lecturer, Case Western Reserve  University

Jan. 1999 Dashen Lecturer,(inaugural) University of California, San Diego

April 2001 H. Primakoff Lecturer, American Physical Society

April 2001 Potts Lecturer, John Hopkins University

April 2001 A.O. Williams Lecturer, Brown University

April 2001 Pappalardo Lecturer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Oct. 2003 Feenberg  Memorial Lecturer, University of Washington,  St. Louis Jan. 2004 Heilborn  Lecturer,  Northwestern University

Feb. 2004 IFT Lecturer, University of   Florida

April 2004 Marker  Lecturer,  Pennsylvania  State University

July 2004 J. Robert Oppenheimer  Memorial Lecturer,   Santa Fe

July 2004 Director’s Colloquium, Los Alamos  National Laboratory

Oct. 2004 Enrico  Fermi  Lecturer,  Argonne National Laboratory

Nov. 2004 Green College Lecturer, University of  British Columbia

Feb. 2005 Dean Edmonds  Lecture,  Boston University

March 2005 MIT/Ford  Lecture,  Massachusetts  Institute of Technology

March 2005 Intel Science Talent  Search Distinguished Alumni  Speaker, Washington, DC

March 2005 Raytheon Public Lecture, University of Arizona, Tucson

April 2005 Smith Lecture, The Ohio State University, Columbus

April 2005 Hamilton Lecture, Princeton University

May 2005 Simon Cherwell Lecture, Oxford University,  UK

June 2005 Lecture at Lindau, Germany meeting of Nobel Lauretes

Sept. 2005 Heinrich Hertz Lecture, Hamburg, Germany

Sept. 2005 Miller-Breit Lecture, Yale  University

Sept. 2005 Katzenstein Lecture, University of Connecticut

Sept. 2005 Wright Lecture, Boston Museum of Science

Oct. 2005 Einstein Memorial Lecture,  Princeton Chamber  of Commerce

Nov. 2005 Kaczmarczik Lecture, Drexel  University

Nov. 2005 Dean’s Lectureship, University of  Kentucky

Jan. 2006 Barkla Lecture,(inaugural) University of Liverpool

Jan. 2006 Zachariasen Lecture, University of Chicago

Jan. 2006 Konopinski Memorial Lecture, Indiana  University

Feb. 2006 Scott Lectures, Cambridge University, Cavendish Lab, UK

March 2006 Fritz London  Lecture, Duke University

April 2006 Crawford  Lecture,  University of Pittsburgh

April 2006 Simons Lecture, SUNY, Stony  Brook

April 2006 BSA Distinguished Lecture,  Brookhaven National Lab

Oct. 2006 Fine Lecture,  (inaugural)  University of Minnesota

Oct. 2006 Venkateswarlu  Memorial Lecture,  Alabama A&M

Nov. 2006 Nobel Laureate Public Lecture Series, Old   Dominion University

March 2007 Houston Lecture, Rice  University

March 2007 Nobel Laureate Lecture, McMurry University

April 2007 President’s Lecture, Clark University

Oct. 2007 Hamilton Lecture,  Royal  Irish Academy, Dublin

Dec. 2007 Sir Neil Waters Lecture, Massey University,   New Zealand

March 2008 Grandes Conf´erences, Ecole Normale Sup´erieure

May 2008 Dirac Lecture, Cambridge University  

Oct. 2008 de  Sitter  Lectures,  Groningen (Inaugural)

Oct. 2008 Distinguished Lecture Series, University of  Wisconsin, (LaCrosse)

Oct. 2008 Ta-You Wu  Lecture, University of  Michigan

Feb. 2009 Siemens Foundation Lecture/Seminar, (Munich)

Oct. 2009 Hans Jensen Lecture, Heidelberg

Nov. 2009 Einstein Lectures, (Inaugural) Bern

Jan. 2010 Origins Lecture,  Arizona State University

March 2010 Oppenheimer Lecture, Berkeley

Nov. 2010 Louis Clark Vanuxem  Lecture,  Princeton

Feb. 2011 Darwin College Lecture Series, Cambridge University,   UK

April 2011 George Gamow Memorial Lecture, University of  Colorado, Boulder

April 2011 Lightner-Sams  Lecture,  Southern  Methodist University, Dallas

Nov. 2011 Boltzmann Lecture,  University Wien,  Vienna

Sept. 2012 Royal Academy Nobel Laureate Lecture, Copenhagen

Oct. 2012 Hubert James Lecture, Purdue University

April 2013 Frontiers of Physics Lecture, University of   California, Davis

May 2013 Arnold Sommerfeld Lectures Series, ASC, Munich,  GR

July 2013 Majorana Lecture, Erice, Italy

Oct. 2013 Nobel Conference Lecture, Gustavus Adolphus College

Dec. 2013 Oskar Klein Memorial Lecture, Stockholm, Sweden

March 2014 Della Pietra Lectures, Simons Center, Stony Brook

March 2014 Presidential Lecture Series, University of Tulsa

April 2014 Littleton-Franklin Lecture, Auburn University

Oct. 2014 Huang Changfeng Distinguished  Lecture,  Tsinghua University,

    Beijing, China

Oct. 2014 Centennial  Lecture,  Beijing University, China

Feb. 2015 Frederick  Reines  Memorial Lecture (Inaugural) University of

    California, Irvine

March 2015 Andrew Chamberlain Memorial Lecture, Cambridge University, UK

May 2015 Address at Brown University “Imagining 250 Years in Physics”

Nov. 2015 Address at Royal Society Symposium“150 Years of   Maxwell   


Sept. 2016 Richard E. Prange Lecture, University of    Maryland

Sept. 2016 “Some intersections of Art and Science”, University of Maryland

Sept. 2016 Joint Quantum Institute seminar on “Anyons”at MIT

Jan. 2017 “Materiality of Vacuum”, Public lecture, Arizona State University

Feb. 2017 Augmenting Reality: Axions, Anyons, and Entangled Histories,

    Bhaumik lectures - UCLA





























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