Personal Information:

Born in New York, May 15, 1951 (U.S. Citizen) Married to Elizabeth J. Devine, June 3, 1973

Two children (Amity, born 9/3/74 and Mira, born  1/18/82)



B.S University of Chicago (Mathematics), 1970

M.A. Princeton University (Mathematics), 1972 Ph.D. Princeton University (Physics), 1974



Instructor, Princeton University, January 1974-June 1974

Assistant Professor, Princeton University, September 1974-June 1976

Visiting Fellow, The Institute for Advanced Study, September 1976-June 1977 Assistant Professor, Princeton University, September 1977-June 1978 Associate Professor, Princeton University, September 1978-June 1980 Professor, Princeton University, July 1980-June 1981

Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara, November 1980-December 1988 Member,  Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of   California,

Santa Barbara, November 1980-December  1988

Visiting Professor, Harvard University, September 1987-June 1988 Professor, School of Natural Sciences, The Institute for Advanced Study,

Princeton, NJ, January 1989-August 2000

Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, September 2000- Visiting Professor, NORDITA, Fall 2007

Visiting Professor, Oxford University, Spring  2008

Origins Project  Distinguished  Visiting Professor,  Arizona  State University,  Winter 2010-2016

Origins Distinguished Professor, Arizona State University, July 2016 -


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