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TDLI online event: Public Lecture by Prof. Frank Wilczek

We would like to inform you of a public online talk of Tsung-Dao Lee Institute “Quanta of the Third Kind: Anyons” by Director Frank Wilczek on May 14th 2020, in conjunction with the Master Lecture Series of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The lecture is intended for a general audience including undergraduate students, faculties, and general publics.

Date & Time:

08:00-09:30, 14th May, 2020 (Boston Time)

20:00-21:30, 14th May, 2020 (Shanghai Time)

Talk Title: Quanta of the Third Kind: Anyons

Abstract: Textbooks of quantum mechanics tell us that quantum particles are either bosons or fermions. Now they need to be revised, to make room for anyons. Anyons are a new kind of particle, with a kind of memory. I named them, and I have been exploring their properties theoretically since the 1980s. Now, in pathbreaking experiments, anyons have at last been observed. I will discuss the universe of ideas around anyons, using pictures rather than equations and emphasizing broad concepts rather than technical details.

Link to online talk : Click here

Link to files : Click here

Link to online event, presentation and Q&A - Click here

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