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Frank attends the World Laureates Forum in Shanghai, China

The first World Laureates Forum, held at Dishui Lake in Lingang Area in Pudong New Area, gathered top scientists from China and abroad to discuss scientific research and innovation. Top scientists from around the world, including 30 Nobel laureates, discussed and exchanged their latest research with 17 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, on topics ranging from photon science to life sciences, and from drug innovation to artificial intelligence.

During the WLA Photon Science and Industry Forum, one of four sub-forums at the three-day event, Nobel laureates Steven Chu, Frank Wilczek, David Gross and Chinese quantum physicist Pan Jianwei shared their latest research.

“The future of many science and industries are here at this forum,” said Wang Hou, general secretary of the World Laureates Association.

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