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2019 SciApp (Science, the Arts & Possibilities in Perception)

The 2019 SciApp Workshop will be held from Wednesday 8 a.m. March 6th through noon on March 8th, 2019. Tempe Mission Palms Hotel, 60 E 5th Street, Tempe, AZ.

Breakfast, lunch and dinners are provided during the Workshop.

The SciApp Workshop provides a forum for presentations and discussions of recent developments, critical issues and potential future directions of perception theory with an emphasis on the arts. In the workshop, 16 invited speakers will discuss “big questions” that connect boundaries of science, the arts, and perception theory. Topics range from fundamental to applied. Each speaker will give a brief introduction regarding the current state of the field, aimed at understanding steps that may be taken to answer fundamental questions and impact on science, art, and our society. Each speaker is given 40 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion. The workshop itself is limited to 70 additional participants, making this small enough to be highly interactive, but large enough to be comprehensive.

The ASU SciHub brings together diverse university and community groups to create an integrated research, teaching, outreach, and product development program. SciHub includes faculty, staff and students, as well as local teachers, scientists, engineers, medical professionals, product developers, designers, museum conservators, and artists. Current projects include development of commercial products, research instrumentation, museum exhibits, and university and K-12 Outreach programs. The workshop is organized in collaboration with SAMBA: Science of Art, Music, & Brain Activity research group.

Important Deadline: Early registration: February 15, 2019


The standard registration fee is $100 ($125 after 2/15/2019 preregistration deadline)

The student registration fee is $40 ($60 after 2/15/2019)

If institutional funds are not available, please contact for possible support.

Read more on the workshop program : 2019 SciApp Workshop

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